Saturday, January 2, 2010

Da Rulez

I hadn't even thought about it, but today it struck me: Some people might not know what a picture book is!

Of course people will know in general, but here are the guidelines for this challenge.

  • A picture book is 32 pages long, but you can take out 3 or 5 pages for credits, title pages etc.
  • It can also have one page of text and a facing illustration, which means that each picture book should have a bare minimum of 13 or 14 pages.
  • They must be completed by the end of the month!
  • The drawing for the next picture book theme happens on the 1st of every month.
I think that about covers it. In all, I want it to be a fun challenge that doesn't stress me out too badly if I can't get everything squared away. Even if I only get 1 final piece of art from each PBC, that's still 12 new pieces for my portfolio.

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