Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Okay! So I'm MUCH MUCH further on this project than just this outline but it's what I have by me so I decided to scan and show it anyway.

The idea for this first story came from my desire to never learn to draw horses. I mean, I know I COULD, but I really don't want to go and invest the time into learning how to draw one correctly. So I guess one could say this story came from laziness.

It's basically about a little girl and her dog Chester and how she REALLY REALLY wants a pet unicorn. So she goes and tries to find one, and since they don't exist (except in our hearts of course!) she comes home empty handed. In the end, she decides Chester (a toy poodle thing), is better than any dumb unicorn anyways.

So that is how one would create a story about unicorns but never have to draw one.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Da Rulez

I hadn't even thought about it, but today it struck me: Some people might not know what a picture book is!

Of course people will know in general, but here are the guidelines for this challenge.

  • A picture book is 32 pages long, but you can take out 3 or 5 pages for credits, title pages etc.
  • It can also have one page of text and a facing illustration, which means that each picture book should have a bare minimum of 13 or 14 pages.
  • They must be completed by the end of the month!
  • The drawing for the next picture book theme happens on the 1st of every month.
I think that about covers it. In all, I want it to be a fun challenge that doesn't stress me out too badly if I can't get everything squared away. Even if I only get 1 final piece of art from each PBC, that's still 12 new pieces for my portfolio.

Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year!

Phew! So it's the new year, big 2010. I'm normally a little more excited for the new year, but I do like the sound of 2010. "Twenty Ten," sounds like we're living in the far future. Where's my art studio on the moon?? Ah well. Here's the round up for the very first ever 30 day picture book!

Drumroll please!

And the winner of this Month's 30 Day Picture Book Challenge IS...

Getting a Badass pet Unicorn!

And really who wouldn't want a badass pet unicorn? I know I would have loved it. I've already got some ideas stirring around in my head, but I think I'll sleep on it and see what I come up with tomorrow.

In other news I received word last night that I made it into the Society of Illustrator's West 48 Annual, the children's book section. I got in last year as well, and I'm really happy to get in again. Hopefully I'll make a tradition of it too!