Tuesday, December 29, 2009

And now for something completely different;

Well here we are, on the cusp of a new year. I can only imagine what this one will bring, and even those imaginings probably have no clue. I've had years of joy and hardship like every other person, and like everyone else I'm hoping for a good year.

I know new years resolutions are not usually kept to, and I have a lot of other dedications; but it seems that nearly a year had come since I graduated in May from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design and I haven't done much for myself like I thought I would once I graduated. Instead it's all odd jobs; they pay well but as far as their content... Eh, not so thrilling.

So here I am starting a new project. I have decided that I will make a new picture book every month for the next year. The elements of the stories will be drawn at random out of a tin, and I will pick one of 8 different variations. Will it be sewing space yeti's or badass pirate unicorns? Who knows. I'll write up elements of the story and revise them per post each month, as well as draw sketches and probably some final art. I think it will be a fun project, and some stories will probably get more done than others depending on how much time I have or how interesting they are to me, but overall I think it will be a fun and interesting experience!

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